Adrenal Dysfunction

The adrenal glands are known as the ‘stress organs’. This is because they are responsible for the production of Cortisol, our stress hormone. The modern American lifestyle has become extremely unnatural and stressful, placing a significant demand on the adrenals. This eventually leads to adrenal dysfunction, fatigue, and exhaustion. It is not only emotional stress, but chemical, and physical stress that contributes to adrenal issues. When the adrenals become dysfunctional due to overuse this can have a detriment on other hormonal systems as well as the immune system, thus leading to reproductive problems, thyroid issues, chronic infections, and a breakdown in the gut barrier.

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Because the adrenal glands impact so many other systems in the body, individuals can experience many different symptoms as a result.

Some symptoms associated with adrenal dysfunction include:

  • Decreased libido

  • Brain fog and memory issues

  • Lack of energy

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Hair loss

  • Lightheadedness

  • Food allergies

  • Mood swings and PMS

  • Chronic infections

  • Fluid retention and high blood pressure

  • Bone loss

  • Muscle loss

  • Weight gain

  • Sleep disturbances

  • Low Testosterone

  • Digestive issues and gut permeability (leaky gut)

  • Premature aging

Many providers fail to make the connection between adrenal dysfunction and chronic disease and their investigation is usually shortsighted.

At Functional Health Specialists, we evaluate the symptoms you are experiencing, the physical signs you present with, and then order the appropriate lab work to truly assess your adrenal function. While many providers might look at one’s blood Cortisol levels, this does not tell the whole story. Having a blood draw can even artificially elevate Cortisol levels because blood draws can sometimes be stressful for a variety of reasons! This approach also only evaluates Cortisol in that one moment when we have natural peaks and valleys in cortisol levels throughout the day. The last pitfall in this approach is that blood cortisol shows “bound” Cortisol levels, not biologically available “free'' Cortisol levels. Since the adrenal glands have a systemic effect on the body, assessing Cortisol alone does not tell the whole story. If adrenal dysfunction is a suspected problem, a comprehensive analysis as well as comprehensive care is warranted to detect and correct the problem. Our protocols are designed to do just that.

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