Dr. Marley DC, CACCP, CFMP

I have been practicing healthcare in Cheyenne, Wyoming since 2012. Late into my teenage years, I became dedicated to the study of the human body and how to make it as resilient as possible. Fitness and health have always been a passion of mine, making it fun for me to study. Because of this I Graduated with Academic Honors from the University of Northern Colorado, as well as, Summa Cum Laude from Palmer College of Chiropractic. This is a passion I have continued to expand upon by building and running the largest Chiropractic clinic in the state of Wyoming. With over a decade of experience in healthcare my heart eventually pulled me into the direction of Functional Medicine, which is a field of healthcare dedicated to finding the cause of chronic health problems and partnering with patients to truly correct them. This field is not “Medicine” in the allopathic sense, where medical doctors prescribe drugs to suppress symptoms of an illness. My journey in this field was the result of frustration (and admittedly some anger), as I continued to see my community get sicker and weaker despite my teams’ efforts. I still continue to see outdated information being promulgated and the practice of western medicine becoming more antiquated with every passing day. I was seeing patients under my care lose their health and lives because of greed, insurance policies, pharmacology, and close minded physicians. I was sick of losing people I loved and cared for to the sick-care system.

Dr. Marley

As a Chiropractor, I have helped thousands of people achieve great health outcomes through optimizing nerve system health, but with certain conditions my impact is limited because of many deep-rooted health problems. These individuals needed more…. A lot more. This left them looking to their medical doctors and “specialists” for extra help. That route led to a pathway of further destruction to their health and healing, so I realized I could only help these people when they were in my facility, under my care. I had to find a way to teach people how to live outside the clinic to not only get healthy, but more importantly, stay healthy. I needed to create protocols and programs to fully restore patients’ health who were dealing with complex problems. I needed health coaches to facilitate and hold people accountable. And I needed hardcore objective data to teach patients what their problems really were. Most importantly, I needed to make all of this as affordable as possible without insurance influence. Essentially, I realized that I needed to equip patients to be their own healthcare provider and partner with them along the way. Functional Health Specialists is that outlet to help people solve their chronic health problems so we can reserve the medical profession for its primary role, crisis and trauma care.

On a personal note, I am a father of two amazing girls that inspire me to be my best every day. Nora, Quinn, and my wife Dr. Heather Smith are my entire world and my “WHY” for creating a healthier community and world.

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