No, at Functional Health Specialists we think hormone replacement should be a last resort. Most cases of hormonal dysfunction are the result of an issue elsewhere in the body that has been overlooked. We focus our attention on correcting other factors that could be contributing to hormonal imbalances. In many cases we feel that HRT does more harm than good and buries health issues even deeper. Like other pharmaceuticals HRT may suppress your symptoms but typically does not get to the root cause of the problem.

No, B-12 may be an important nutrient for someone to supplement with and serves many functions in the body. However, we prefer to find bioavailable supplements and nutrition options that can fill this void. The natural way to attain nutrient sufficiency is through the digestive system. If someone is deficient and/or not absorbing B-12, the solution is not to bypass the GI Tract by injection, it is to find out why. In most cases, proper supplementation and healing the gut is sufficient and sustainable.

We do not prescribe any medications. Medications that suppress appetite or create other physiological changes that result in weight loss are not the answer to losing weight, nor are they safe or sustainable options. The primary contributors for weight gain can be different from one person to another, however, the answer is always lifestyle not tricky via pharmacology. If someone needs some help with appetite or blood sugar regulation while they are changing their lifestyle we have many herbs that are natural, safe, and in many cases just as effective (sometimes more) than prescription drugs to aid their progress.

No, we do not inject anything into anyone for any reason. If we feel something like this is necessary we refer out to providers we trust with our patients.

We are non-participating with all insurance providers. Supplements as well as Functional Health Specialists Services are not covered by insurance. There may be some cases where insurance does cover certain lab tests. In this situation we will provide the patient with a superbill to be sent to their insurance provider for review of coverage.

Yes, we are capable of taking clients that want a virtual option. We have the ability to get labs and supplements sent directly to the patient. Any meetings are performed via Zoom instead of in person and any test results or materials will be uploaded and shared via our patient portal system. This allows us the ability to help individuals that do not live in the Cheyenne area without sacrificing the quality of care.

Some of our favorite companies are Standard Process, MediHerb, Designs for Health, Quicksilver Scientific, ION (intelligence of nature), Klaire Labs, etc. We utilize many high quality/professional grade supplements and are not exclusive to any company. We make sure that every patient gets what they need and the best quality possible.

No, if for some reason we feel that someone’s case may warrant medicine we have Medical Doctors that we are confident referring to that will help co-manage certain cases.

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