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Balance within the female hormonal system is paramount for optimal health and wellbeing. Dysfunction within the female cycle and hormonal system are contributing factors in: PCOS, infertility, frequent miscarriages, weight gain, headache, skin issues, and mood/emotional distress. Long term dysfunction can eventually lead to reproductive cancers, such as breast and uterine cancer, and musculoskeletal issues such as osteoporosis. Female issues are not only becoming more prevalent, but are manifesting at an earlier age. Physicians have been prescribing hormone replacement therapy (birth control pills/implants/IUD’s/etc.) to teenagers for decades thinking it is the solution to correct cycle irregularities, acne issues, mood issues, etc. This has only perpetuated the issues seen in the female population and has set young females up for larger health issues in adult life!

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Instead of covering up symptoms with pharmaceuticals, our team at Functional Health Specialists is dedicated to finding the cause of the imbalance.

We are here to support the female cycle and hormonal pathway so that women can live a long life of health and vitality. We take a full system approach when evaluating female health. Our team looks at metabolic health, gut health, adrenal health, and detox pathways to make sure that we are addressing the right issues for our patients. Through specific testing we can pinpoint where the primary issues are and then work towards naturally correcting them with one-on-one lifestyle coaching, environment modification, supplement protocols, and very specific nutrition plans. Female health is the key to a healthier future generation. Our females deserve better healthcare, and our future as a society literally depends on it.

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