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Male Health

Literature suggests that today’s men are half the men their grandfathers were! Health experts have been claiming that male testosterone levels decline by 1% each year after the age of 30. Though we might see a slight drop in male hormones as men exit their reproductive years, it is important for males to maintain an adequate level of testosterone throughout their life. Testosterone serves many important functions in males and females and its impacts go far beyond muscle building and sexual health!

Testosterone is important in brain health, bone health, and even cardiovascular health.

Males with decreased testosterone levels are at greater risk of death in all categories i.e. Cancer, heart disease, respiratory disease, etc. low testosterone has been associated with chronic pain as well as chronic inflammatory issues such as Rheumatoid Arthritis. However, to only look at Testosterone is a very myopic approach. This often leads to testosterone therapies that benefit the doctor more than the patient. Creams, pellets, and injections come at a cost and will shut down the natural production of testosterone from the testes leading to decreased sperm quality and testicular size. These treatments could lead to skin conditions, mood changes, man boobs, and prostate growth. These treatments are usually lifelong, making the patient dependent on the pharmaceutical industry for the rest of their lives. Over time, this becomes a balancing act with more interventions. For example, the more Testosterone you have, the more estrogen you produce. The bodybuilding world knows this and that is why they must use Estrogen blockers to prevent the dreaded “man boobs” or properly, gynecomastia. The more testosterone you have the more DHT you make which is a potent form of testosterone that may create prostate enlargement. The goal should be balance, as the hormonal system works like a symphony. Loading up on testosterone is like adding a bunch of cowbells to the group and expecting the strings to sound better! Our team at Functional Health Specialists does NOT use exogenous hormones as part of its approach.

When addressing male health, testosterone should not be the only focus.

Precursor hormones, adrenal health, gut health, blood sugar regulation, systemic inflammation, and liver health should all be addressed. Lifestyle, environment, and genetics all play a role in male vitality. If there is a decrease in male androgens there is a more than likely an issue upstream causing it. Toiletries, diet, medication, supplements, plastics, drinking water, etc. are all at play. At Functional Health Specialists we want to get back to health by evaluating the whole patient and taking a full system approach. Comprehensive examinations and testing helps us develop an extensive plan to get you back on track. Let's find the cause and unlock the cure within!

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