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Location and Hours

1250 Pine st #108, Walnut Creek
Mon 7am-1pm
Wed 1pm-6:30pm
Fri 7am-1pm
Sat/Sun 9am-11am
936 Detroit Ave Suite A, Concord
Tue 1pm-6:30pm
Thur 1pm-6:30pm
Sat/Sun 9am-11am

Call 925-289-8011

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From the early age of 6, I knew I had a passion for helping others. It wasn't until witnessing the positive changes Chiropractic gave my family that I knew Chiropractic was a perfect fit for me. "What drew me in the most was the concept that health starts from within, not from anything supplemental.
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Well informed and caring indeed! Exercises
the utmost in common sense, does only
what's necessary. Most importantly,
Dr. Asad listens to his patients.